Auditory Hallucinations

This page is here to help people distinguish hallucinations from voices created by something that can think.

The first impression of people who hear voices in their head is that they are simply insane. However mental technology abuse is known to have occurred. It is easy for the victim to distinguish insanity from voices created by a reasoning entity. Faulty activation of malfunctioning brain tissue will produce nonsense content, similar to what a random sentence generator will produce. For example here are two random sentences produced by a random sentence generator, quoted from How can the sympathy lean below the home mountain? A transformation sandwiches a corrupting phenomenon. Although random sentence generators will occasionally produce a meaningful sentence, I have yet to see two sentences produced one after the other that pertain to the same topic. You can Google for random sentence generator to view more sentences. If you or someone you know is being attacked by someone or something producing a steady stream of sentences that are all syntactically correct and pertain to the same topic, please explain that thoroughly to any doctors that you contact so that you are not misdiagnosed. Feel free to copy this paragraph. If you think that your problem is a medical problem then you should consult a doctor.


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